2016 Cannonball Run

Tickets and details released,
You guys better be as ready as I am.

Extreme Gymkhana NZ

Extreme Gymkhana is our newest and latest creation, for those of you who know our style of events it’s not going to be anything like you’ve ever seen before.

This has been a few years in the planning and we will be ready to launch in 2016.

For the masses it is going to be a hugely entertaining spectator event but for the lucky few competitors it is going to be like nothing you’ve ever competed in before.

Do you think you have what it takes to race “Extreme Gymkhana”?  We are accepting expressions of interest right now, your vehicle must be fast and very nimble…. 4WD is recommended but not required ,an ability to power slide on request and show flair is a must.

Please send information about the driver and also car specs, photos and/or videos to Conor@AucklandMotorsport.co.nz

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CannonBall Run 2015 - SOLD OUT

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